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Season Finale of Brown & Brilliant, Eps #12 - Manisha Koirala: A Journey Through Iconic Films, Resilience, and Triumph

Manisha Koirala, the queen of Indian cinema and the captivating “Mallikajaan” of "Heeramandi," has had an inspiring journey spanning decades. Beginning her illustrious career with the hit film "Saudagar" in 1991, Manisha quickly established herself as a formidable talent in the industry. Her path through Bollywood, marked by iconic roles and a courageous battle with cancer, showcases her remarkable resilience and enduring appeal.

Breakthrough and Iconic Roles

Manisha Koirala's breakout role came with "Khamoshi: The Musical" (1996), directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Her portrayal of Annie, a mute and deaf woman with a passion for music, was both heartfelt and powerful, earning her critical acclaim.

She continued to captivate audiences with performances in Mani Ratnam's "Bombay" (1995) and "Dil Se.." (1998). In "Bombay," she portrayed Shaila Bano, dealing with interfaith marriage during tumultuous times. In "Dil Se..," her role as Meghna, a mysterious woman on a dangerous mission, showcased her versatility.

Collaborations with Prolific Filmmakers

Throughout her career, Manisha has worked with some of the most prolific filmmakers in Indian cinema. Her collaborations with directors like Subhash Ghai, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raj Kumar Hirani, Mani Ratnam, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have resulted in some of Bollywood’s most memorable films, establishing her as a dynamic and versatile actress.

A Battle with Cancer and a Triumphant Return

Manisha’s journey took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her battle and victory over the disease is a story of immense courage. After a brief hiatus, her triumphant return to the screen was marked by performances in "Sanju" (2018) and the Netflix series "Heeramandi" (2024), proving her enduring talent and appeal.

Exclusive Podcast Interview

Season Finale of Brown & Brilliant with Manisha Koirala! We are thrilled to announce that Manisha Koirala's exclusive podcast interview with "Brown & Brilliant" is dropping on June 4th, Tuesday, at 9pm PT on iHeart Radio's Rukus Ave Radio station. In this interview, Manisha discusses her iconic roles in "Khamoshi," "Bombay," "Dil Se..," and "Heeramandi," as well as her battle with cancer and triumphant return to film.

Tune In and Be Inspired

Mark your calendars and tune in to "Brown & Brilliant" on June 4th to hear Manisha Koirala's inspiring story. This exclusive interview is a must-listen for fans and anyone seeking insight into the life of one of Bollywood's most resilient actresses.

TUNE IN on Tuesday, June 4th, at 9pm PT for an inspiring conversation with one of the most versatile and resilient actresses of Indian cinema


Manisha Koirala’s journey in Indian cinema is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedication. From "Saudagar" to "Khamoshi," "Bombay," "Dil Se..," and "Heeramandi," she has left an indelible mark on the industry. Don't miss the chance to hear her speak about her incredible journey on our podcast.

Brown & Brilliant show flyer with Manisha Koirala and host Vineesha Arora-Sarin
Season Finale Episode of "Brown & Brilliant" featuring powerhouse Indian actress Manisha Koirala

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