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Comedy lab & Filmmaker labs

Writing Lab

WISE Writing Lab: A supportive space for writers at all levels to develop skills, explore their voice, and receive mentorship and feedback. Focused on empowering female writers in entertainment, the lab offers networking with professionals and access to resources. Additionally, WISE incorporates a Mock Writers Room, simulating a professional environment for practical experience, feedback, and skill-building. The WISE writing lab provides a unique, immersive learning opportunity, fostering community, skills, and industry connections.


Directing Lab

A hands-on program offering aspiring directors practical training, mentorship, and industry experience. Participants collaborate with experienced professionals, exploring directing techniques and developing their unique voice. The lab emphasizes technical and creative skills, including script analysis, storyboarding, and mentor-guided exercises. Workshops cover various filmmaking aspects, from script analysis to post-production. Masterclasses led by experienced directors provide valuable insights. This comprehensive training aims to support and elevate the next generation of women directors, offering a valuable tool for success in the competitive filmmaking industry.

Comedy Lab

Wise-Ass & Sass Comedy Lab: Redefining comedy with empowering workshops and labs starting this Spring. Join us to amplify women's voices in stand-up, challenging the 88% male-dominated norm. Expect curated workshops, guest appearances by celebrity comics, and a creative space fostering laughter and empowerment. Reshape the comedy landscape with us, one punchline at a time. Embrace your Wise-Ass & Sass spirit – stay tuned for updates!


Producing Lab

WISE Producing Lab: Hands-on training for aspiring women filmmakers in producing content for film, TV, and digital platforms. Focus on key skills from development to distribution, including script analysis, budgeting, fundraising, casting, production, post-production, and marketing. Teams develop and produce projects with guidance from experienced producers and industry professionals. Masterclasses offer insights into the evolving landscape. Gain practical experience and empower women to become producers and decision-makers, increasing representation in the industry.

What We Need

We are currently seeking partners, sponsors and donors to kickstart this amazing program that bridges gaps between South Asian countries and Hollywood. participate in our #openthedoor fundraiser to help turn dreams to reality!

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