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South Asian women celebrities at the Hues of Heritage event by WISE in August 2023

Women in Showbiz Everywhere (WISE) Hosted its First Ever ‘Hues of Heritage’ Event Celebrating South Asians in Film & Television

Guests included horror actor Bill Moseley and Executive Director of CAPE Michelle Sugihara


For select event photos, click HERE (credit: Getty Images)


WISE (Women In Showbiz Everywhere) hosted its first-ever Hues of Heritage event yesterday at 4 PM. The event took place at Downtown LA's New High-End Indian restaurant Baar Baar and dedicated itself to celebrating South Asians in Film & Television in honor of South Asian Heritage Month.

The Hi-Tea Affair brought together South Asian creatives, writers, journalists, and other industry members, fostering inspiring and supportive conversations. The event also marked the launch of the esteemed RATNA fellowship, which Vineesha Arora-Sarin, Founder & Executive Director of WISE, terms as a “movement dedicated to identifying and supporting emerging South Asian female writers worldwide who aspire to make their mark in the global entertainment industry. And what better time to launch it than now when we’re going through a major cultural and a much-needed revolution in Hollywood to give writers and creators fair play as we speak.” 

The fellowship will select five writers from South Asia (including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and others) and the diaspora to join a one-year program and collaborate on a project alongside talented mentors. Read more about the fellowship here.

The guests in attendance showed immense support for the community and the RATNA fellowship that launched during hi-tea, followed by an art exhibition and auctionaimed at raising funds towards the initiative. “The fellowship is a step towards bigger and exciting things for WISE,” says Board Member and Actor Amit Sarin. “The industry would be a better place with more women creatives and leaders and I’m excited to witness this intitiave grow and reach more creatives across the globe.”

Celebrity guests in attendance included horror actor Bill Moseley and South Asian creatives, Sundeep Morrison, Keertana & Pallavi Sastry, Nardeep Khurmi, Karen David, Michelle Sugihara, Amit Sarin and many more.

WISE Board Member Sandy Khandoze was also in attendance and excited to expand the network of the organization. “I look forward to having a working relationship to continue to support women in their endeavors and in acting, filmmaking and all areas of the arts,“ Khandoze said. “I’m very honored Vineesha has selected me to be a part of the board and she shows great leadership.”

Director Sundeep Morrison expressed her gratitude for WISE creating such an event. “It’s so powerful to enter a space where we can all feel seen, heard and appreciated,” Morrison said. “Gatherings like these help us build bridges. Thank you for creating this space, WISE!”

Actor Bill Moseley, who brought his daughter and wife to the event, extended his support saying he’s “very excited” for the growth of the South Asian community to have their voices heard in the entertainment industry.


About WISE

WISE (Women In Showbiz Everywhere) is a global initiative dedicated to empowering and supporting multicultural, emerging, and underrepresented women in the dynamic world of entertainment. The organization firmly believes in the transformative power of women in shaping culture and is steadfast in its commitment to increase its representation and influence across the industry. Through comprehensive programs and initiatives, WISE aims to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that empowers women in showbiz to flourish. The organization offers an array of resources, mentorship opportunities, educational initiatives, and networking platforms designed to equip women with the tools necessary for success in their creative pursuits.



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