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Inaugural Podcast “Brown & Brilliant: Powered by WISE” Premieres February 20, on iHeart Radio!

Updated: Mar 3

Exciting News from Women In Showbiz Everywhere!

We're thrilled to unveil 'Brown & Brilliant - A WISE Initiative,' our groundbreaking podcast series in collaboration with Rukus Avenue Radio.  Join us as we celebrate the brilliance of South Asian women and non-binary talents in global entertainment.

In a historic move, Rukus Avenue Radio finds its home in iHeart Radio on January 19, becoming the first mainstream network in North America dedicated to South Asian culture. Premiering in February, it will mark a unique milestone on iHeartRadio.

Stay tuned for inspiring tales, heartfelt conversations, and a celebration of talent that's making history on iHeartRadio!

"As the founder of WISE - Women in Showbiz Everywhere, my passion is to create a stage where the brilliance of powerful South Asian women and non-binary individuals in global entertainment takes center spotlight. 'Brown & Brilliant - A Wise Initiative' is not just a podcast; it's a celebration of diverse voices, untold stories, and the journey towards an inclusive and vibrant industry. I am truly honored to bring together influential, powerful, working women, and emerging stars of global entertainment through this groundbreaking podcast, powered by WISE. Join us as we amplify talent, break barriers, and write a new chapter together." - Vineesha Arora-Sarin

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