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Going once, Going twice - still going!

Updated: Mar 3

WISE Presents "Hues of Heritage" Auction: An Unforgettable Display of Art and Giving Back

In a remarkable showcase of creativity and compassion, the non-profit organization Women In Showbiz Everywhere (WISE) recently hosted an extraordinary event titled "Hues of Heritage." This much-anticipated gathering not only celebrated the diverse beauty of our shared cultural heritage but also provided a platform for giving back to the community.

One of the most captivating highlights of the evening was the auction, where an array of exquisite artworks were offered to enthusiastic bidders. From mesmerizing paintings to stunning sculptures, the collection on display was a testament to the immense talent and passion within the artistic community.

However, the generosity did not end with the event itself. In a heartfelt gesture, the renowned artist Pooja Sarin, known for her masterful creations that effortlessly blend tradition and modernity, personally contributed several pieces to the auction. This unexpected act of kindness has left both art enthusiasts and philanthropists in awe of her unyielding commitment to making a difference.

Sarin's invaluable donations have not only elevated the prestige of the auction but have also spurred a renewed sense of purpose within the WISE community. Inspired by her selflessness, the organization has decided to extend the auction so that more individuals can have the opportunity to bid on these exceptional artworks and contribute to the noble cause.

By continuing the auction, WISE aims to further support its numerous initiatives that empower women in the entertainment industry. The funds raised will not only provide education and mentorship to aspiring artists and professionals but will also promote gender equality and inclusivity throughout the field.

Since its inception, WISE has consistently demonstrated its unwavering dedication to championing diversity, fostering talent, and creating an inclusive space for women in showbiz. Now, with the "Hues of Heritage" auction gaining momentum through Pooja Sarin's invaluable contribution, the organization is poised to make an even greater impact on the lives of countless individuals.

As the auction reopens its doors, art enthusiasts, philanthropists, and those passionate about supporting women in the entertainment industry are invited to participate, bid, and join hands in making a tangible difference. Every bid, no matter the size, carries the potential to shape the future of the industry and uplift aspiring talent.

The "Hues of Heritage" auction continues to serve as a beacon of hope, uniting creative expression with the transformative power of compassion. Let us seize this opportunity to celebrate our cultural heritage! The auction is set to end on September 1st and one can own an original Pooja Sarin for less than half of its retail price!



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