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Brown & Brilliant podcast episode #6: Kiran Rao's Cinematic Odyssey

Updated: Apr 8

Exciting News Alert! Kiran Rao, Mumbai-based film director and producer with Kindling Pictures, is joining us as the next guest on the Brown & Brilliant show presented by Women In Showbiz Everywhere! 🎙️

Kiran's illustrious career began with iconic films like Lagaan and Monsoon Wedding, leading to producing hits like Peepli Live, Delhi Belly, Dangal, and Secret Superstar. Her directorial debut, Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and received worldwide acclaim.

Now, Kiran brings us her latest masterpiece, Laapataa Ladies (Lost Ladies), a film that promises to captivate hearts and minds. 

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