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WISE x IFFLA: Cinematic Magic and Creative Connection at the Festival's Hit Networking Event!

Updated: Apr 17

The WISE x IFFLA Networking Event on Oct 14 was an unparalleled success! The event, marking the first collaboration between WISE and IFFLA, witnessed an incredible turnout of filmmakers, influencers, musicians, creatives, and executives, all basking in the celebration of cinema. The lively atmosphere, fueled by the enchanting live music of Artronika featuring Neel Agrawal and Ireesh Lal, resonated with the diverse audience. It was a night filled with connection, creativity, and joy, showcasing that when WISE and IFFLA come together, magic happens. The overwhelming love and positive vibes from our guests made this event truly exceptional. Thank you to everyone who joined us in making this afternoon an unforgettable celebration of storytelling and community! Check out the photos from the event on our site!

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